Employee Spotlight: Jennipher Krezman

Meet Jennipher Krezman, Post-Closing Manager and VA/FHA Underwriter, April’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know her. Jennipher At Work “My career in mortgages dates back to the golden days of yore, 2003 to be more precise,” shares Jennipher. She reflects on her start as a licensed Realtor in Chicago. Realizing at that time that she […]

Financial Literacy for Homebuyers: Debt, Credit & Mortgages

In personal finance, the word “debt” often evokes feelings of stress and uncertainty. As a mortgage company dedicated to helping individuals achieve their homeownership dreams, we understand that debt is a nuanced aspect of financial planning. Let’s cover debt as our first key pillar of Financial Literacy Month. Although the topic of debt, its relationship […]

Meet Our Local Mortgage Professionals in Reading, Massachusetts

Are you looking for a local mortgage lender in Reading, Massachusetts?​ We’ve got you covered here at NewFed Mortgage. Get to know our Reading team below and reach out anytime! We’re here to help with mortgages for every stage of your life.™  Branch NMLS #1792693 Danielle Courtemanche, Producing Branch Manager, NMLS #1805721 Danielle began her […]

Mortgage Lenders Look At Your FICO Credit Score & Here’s Why

One of the most crucial factors that will determine your ability to secure a mortgage is your credit score. You may have come across various credit monitoring platforms like Credit Karma . However, when it comes to mortgage applications, lenders typically look at a different scoring model known as the FICO credit score. In this […]

Curb Appeal 101: Boost Your Home’s Value This Spring

Welcome to Curb Appeal 101 with NewFed Mortgage, where we’re all about practical solutions for boosting your home’s value without breaking the bank. As spring rolls in, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and give your home’s exterior a much-needed facelift. Enhancing your home’s outward appearance not only spruces things up as […]

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Wheeler

Meet Patrick Wheeler, National VP of Business Development, March’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know him.  Patrick at Work After a decade-long role as VP of Operations in the catering and concession business, the pandemic’s impact compelled Patrick to reassess his career path to support his family. A friend of his suggested obtaining a MLO […]

Spring into Homeownership: Why March Is a Great Time to Buy

Springtime is often associated with rejuvenation and new beginnings. As the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom, the real estate market also springs to life, making March an opportune time to embark on the journey of homeownership. Just like the freshness of the season, the advantages of purchasing a home in spring are plentiful. […]

Women Homebuyers: Real Estate Research & Trends

At NewFed, we stand alongside women on their journey to homeownership, acknowledging both the strides made and the persisting challenges. The real estate landscape has transformed significantly, with single women owning more homes than single men. This shift in dynamics is highlighted by women’s increasing wealth and power in the U.S.  According to research findings […]

Black History Month: African American Trailblazers in Housing

As we bid farewell to Black History Month, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the movers and shakers who’ve left their mark on the housing industry and continue to move the needle for equal housing. African American communities have faced in getting a fair deal on homeownership. Today, let’s shine a light on some of […]

Employee Spotlight: Emmi Sauls

Emmi Sauls, VP Marketing Director, is February’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know her.  Emmi at Work Emmi Sauls embarked on her journey in the mortgage industry three years ago, transitioning from a prominent marketing role at a communications company to join LenderLogix, a mortgage technology startup in Buffalo, New York. Excited by the idea […]