Community Champions Program

You serve us, now let us serve you.

Choose a discount in rate when locked or a lender credit at time of closing. Eligible individuals include: first responders, active & retired military, medical professionals, city/town/state employees, and educational staff.

A community champion is someone who works to improve and care for the communities in which they live and around them.

You qualify for our Community Champions Program if you are:

A first responder

Active or retired military

A medical professional

A city, town, or state employee

An educational staff member

city worker

NewFed Mortgage Corp. stands in awe of those in professions that thanklessly give of themselves and their lives daily. We see your hard work and daily sacrifices and applaud you. We also realize that we are in a unique position to be able to give back to you.

Get locked into a mortgage rate or a lender credit at the time of closing and choose a discount in rate.

NewFed Mortgage Corp. loves our Community Champions!