Our Story

Learn about NewFed Mortgage’s origin story, the man behind the company’s vision, and how family is at the heart of it all.

A Strong Foundation of Local & Authentic Mortgage Lending

To understand what makes NewFed Mortgage Corp. stand out, you must start with the owner, Brian D’Amico. 

With several years of Real Estate under his belt, Brian founded NewFed Mortgage in 2000 in Massachusetts with the dream of bringing homeownership to clients nationwide. He knew that the only way to compete in the industry was to build this family-owned company’s foundation around its values: authenticity, integrity, and servant leadership. That meant cultivating a dedicated team that loves what they do and loves the impact they leave even more. 

Driven, focused, and determined – Brian’s  innovative entrepreneurship has enabled NewFed Mortgage to be the premium mortgage lender they are today, providing the highest level of customer service for over two decades.

Today Brian resides in Middleton, MA, with his fiancé Rene and two daughters, Gia and Siena. He continues to be at the heart of NewFed Mortgage. 

A People First Approach with Proven Market Growth

At NewFed Mortgage, people come first – plain and simple. Whether you’re a client looking for financing, a Real Estate partner looking to build a relationship, or a team member growing your career, your experience will never feel transactional. Brian has always looked at this industry as an opportunity to extend the human connection and make a difference in the lives the company touches. 

Brian considers his team members as family – putting their well-being above everything else, including the organization. His unwavering support has given team members a sense of trust, support, and loyalty over the years. 

Because of that, what started as a small team outside of Boston has now grown to be over 100+ professionals in over 20 states (and counting). 

A Family Deeply Rooted in Housing

To further illustrate the company’s mortgage experience, it’s important to note that Brian comes from a family deeply rooted in the housing industry. Not only did family catapult him into his career, but it also informed the foundation he built. 

Brian’s father and business partner, Jim D’Amico Sr., has been in Real Estate for over 40 years. Brian’s brother, Jim D’Amico Jr., has been the CEO and President of Century 21 North East for nearly 30 years – the US’s 5th largest real estate company. Jim also owns a property management firm based out of Boston and Florida. And last but certainly not least, Brian’s sister, Lauren D’Amico, has been in the industry for over 20 years and is the President of NewFed Insurance.

This family knows the housing industry – and they know it well. It has truly been their life’s work.