Employee Spotlight: James Khoury

James Khoury, Producing Branch Manager, based out of NewFed Mortgage’s Salem, NH branch, is October’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know a bit about him before we spotlight the Salem branch next month.

The Employee 

James began his career in mortgage after realizing law school just wasn’t for him. At the time, James’ cousin owned a mortgage company and suggested that he try it out. So, in 2005, James jumped right into a loan officer role and hasn’t looked back since.

It wasn’t until 2013 that James joined the NewFed team. “I felt like Brian was the best fit,” shared James. “I thought he was transparent, honest, and that what you see is what you get.”

James is licensed in 5 states (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island & Florida), and his branch’s primary service area is Boston, MA, to Manchester, NH (and beyond). James and the Salem team are very tied into the Latino market as most are bilingual. They work towards a shared goal of providing proper and meaningful service to underserved markets.

When asked to share one of his favorite success stories, James reflected on a young client who has financed three properties with him. “I met him when he was 23 and coached him through what he needed to do in order to purchase his first property. By 24, he had bought an investment, a primary residence, and then a second investment. He was so grateful for my guidance, and I was so thrilled to watch him take action and succeed. That’s what this is all about.”

When asked what keeps him motivated in this role and this industry, James shared, “I’m not motivated by money or nice things. I’m motivated by the fact that I’m replaceable. There will always be someone out there doing this job. I’m not letting anyone replace me.”

“I think it’s important that you’re always humble, relatable, and kind, no matter what you do for work. Looking out for our clients should be the number one priority. The money will come; don’t chase that. Chase the right opportunities for your clients like we do, and good things will come from that. Every time.”

The Person

What three words describe James?
Persistent, consistent & comical.

Any talents we should know?
I’m a really great wordsmith. I know how to shift messaging for any audience, under most circumstances, and in the right tone. It’s definitely helped me in my career.

Hobbies? What does James like to do outside of work?
I just started golfing – I do enjoy that. I’m always looking to improve things, so projects around the house fill my spare time.

Last podcast James listened to?
Anything sports-related or Joe Rogan’s Bussin’ With the Boys. We also record a podcast here, Locked in With The Khoury Team. It’ll be out soon. We’re recording it now.

What did James want to be as a kid?
A sports broadcaster. I actually worked as an executive producer in morning radio at one point.

What’s something we should know about James?
I will always fight for my clients. If it makes sense, I will go to bat until the end.

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