Employee Spotlight: Erin McClintock

Erin McClintock, Closer, based out of our headquarters in Danvers, MA, is January’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know her. 

Erin at Work

In October 2005, Erin started in the industry and joined NewFed Mortgage. She was initially asked to come in to assist with accounting-related tasks. Over time, she learned Shipping, Closing, and Post-Closing. She has been with the company now for nearly 20 years. “I am still here because this is the only place I have ever worked where I don’t mind coming in the door every day – my coworkers are great,” Erin shared.

When asked to share a success story from her time at NewFed, Erin explained that it’s hard to choose just one! She did note, however, that getting good feedback from the loan officers and closing attorneys is always rewarding. “Also, the synergistic relationship our team has is a gift to be able to work with talented, compassionate people,” she adds.

What keeps her motivated? She answers with, “The daily challenge of the closing pipeline, finding ways to continue facilitating the closing process for LOs and attorneys, and maintaining a process that is as easy as possible. I’ve found that I especially love realizing the impact the refinance boom had on our borrowers, seeing the benefits of the refinance products – life-changing for so many!

Behind the Scenes

What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Hardworking, dependable, conservative.

What’s your personal mantra/life motto, and where did it come from?
‘You can’t have too many feathers in your hat’. It’s about continuous growth- inspired by a photo of an Indian feather headdress – each feather is earned through experiences or achievements.

Hobbies? Talents? Aspirations?
My current hobby is horseback riding. I have been an equestrian for about 30 years, riding in English disciplines. My talents – I have a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, and I graduated from the Illustration department. I’m a very visual learner. I love gardening – I have a three-season perennial garden that is my constant work-in-progress. I was a professional picture framer, loved that experience, and loved working on the most complex project solutions. 

What’s the last book you read or podcast you listened to?
I love to read! The last book I read was The Historian by E. Kostova. I am currently reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

What did you want to be as a kid?
I wanted to be an artist. I did get to try that out, yet it wasn’t all I thought it would be.

What’s something we should know about you?
I love learning – it is the most gratifying experience!

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