Employee Spotlight: Christine Seremet

Christine Seremet, Loan Processor, based out of our Reading, MA branch, is November’s Employee Spotlight! Let’s get to know her. 

Christine at Work

Christine’s career in mortgage started in 2001! While working in retail, a coworker who also worked as a paralegal told Christine that the mortgage company associated with her law firm was looking for a receptionist! She convinced Christine to apply, she got the job, and the rest is history! She went on to be a closer and then a processor.

Christine has been with NewFed Mortgage for five years! She distinctly remembers her first day being the greatest. “Brian had my name on the sign to welcome me,” she shared.

It’s always the best feeling when our clients appreciate everything we do. Sometimes they drop by after their closing and personally thank us – that’s the best because you know you’ve made a lasting impression and a real difference for them,” added Christine.

One thing I love about NewFed is that it’s not a big corporation, and we are not just a number here. I love how everyone knows each other and how down-to-earth everyone is. Everyone sticks together to maintain the same goal of being a successful company. And, of course, Brian is a great guy to work for!

When asked what motivates her in this role, she said she’s incredibly organized! “Organization keeps me on track and my files clean. In general, I really love helping other people become organized! I used to own a business called 1-2-3- Organize Me, where I would go to people’s houses and work with them to organize certain areas of their homes. Now I focus that talent on this!

Behind the Scenes

What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Funny, organized & nice.

What’s your personal mantra/life motto, and where did it come from?
‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated.’ I always have my parents in the back of my head saying that to me!

I like to watch movies and travel! I like action/true crime movies, and I’d have to say that Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite. I haven’t traveled too many places, but I LOVE the Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach area and plan to get back down there in January!

What’s the last book you read & podcast you listened to?
Both were actually our Founder & CEO, Brian D’Amico’s podcast and book. I watched and read them when I first came aboard to get to know him.

What did you want to be as a kid?
I’ve always liked animals, so I’m sure it had something to do with them.

What’s something we should know about you?
I love slot machines, and I’m nasty at Jenga!

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