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Kevin O'Meara | Chief Technology Officer | New Fed Mortgage | Danvers, MA

Kevin O’Meara

Chief Technology Officer


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Kevin started off his career in Mortgage banking as a young adult and for the past 25 years he has successfully managed challenging roles that have presented complex demands with growing companies. Kevin has assisted and helped to develop growth patterns for several mortgage companies based in Massachusetts. Kevin has successfully managed and supported roles such as IT systems administrator, IT architecture and infrastructure, software development and implementation, network security, communication systems, audio video, construction planning, space planning, purchasing, relocation, training and support on many levels for the organization. Kevin is a native of Massachusetts and he was raised just south of Boston in Randolph. He currently resides in Chelmsford with his wife and two boys. Kevin comes from a large family who are also very involved with various aspects of Mortgage Banking. Kevin truly takes pride in his work accomplishments. He is passionate about helping and supporting the best interests of both customers and his fellow employees

877-639-3331 98 High Street, Danvers, MA 01923