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Justin Arsenault | Loan Officer | NewFed Mortgage | Danvers, MA

Justin Arsenault

Loan Originator

MLO #515933

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In the mortgage business since 2012 and a homeowner himself, Justin fully understands and respects the loan process therefore being able to deliver accurate and updated information to each of his clients. Having such a personal connection to the business has allowed him to build a trusting rapport with his clients, as they witness his passion and devotion to his work. Striving to make the process as quick and seamless as possible while also providing world-class customer service, Justin believes in treating every mortgage as if it were his own. A real high flyer, Justin hit the ground running with NewFed Mortgage in 2014 and won the rookie of the year award his first year with the company. His patient but persistent nature has enabled him much success in producing quality service and providing a pleasant experience to all involved in the process. Justin embodies an outstanding combination of professionalism and integrity in every step of the loan process to ensure his clients make it another step closer to realizing their dreams.

877-639-3331 98 High Street, Danvers, MA 01923